Stanley Clarke Joins Funk UniversityHe has been called 'The Michael Jordan of bass'. He has invented instruments, scored your favorite movies, won countless awards and made music with everyone from the Rolling Stones to Oprah Winfrey. Born in Philadelphia, Stanley Clarke has been a constant force of nature in American music since the early 1970s, when the success of the jazz-fusion Return To Forever album with Chick Corea gave way to a number of extremely successful solo albums.

Of these alums 1976's School Days is probably his best known, and this in turn led to a storied career scoring music for films such as Boyz N The Hood, the Tina Turner biopic What's Love Got To Do With It, The Five Heartbeats, the Tupac Shakur / Janet Jackson movie Poetic Justice and many more.

He is the first bass player to go gold and headline national tours. He helped invent the piccolo bass guitar. He has collaborated with Paul McCartney, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, The Police, Jeff Beck, Herbie Hancock and many more, and has shared the stage with Bob Marley and Miles Davis. He has won two Grammys, most recently this year's Best Contemporary Jazz Album award for his release under The Stanley Clarke Band.

Stanley Clarke

He was Rolling Stone Magazine's first recipient of the Jazzman Of The Year award, has received awards from Bass Player and Downbeat, and won Playboy Magazine's Best Bassist award ten years straight.

Clarke is only one of the world-famous bassists personally handpicked by Bootsy Collins to assist with teaching duties at Funk U, joining a list that already includes other bass luminaries. On July 1st, Grammy award-winning bassist Stanley Clarke will put the sum total of his experience and insight at your fingertips as one of the newest professors weighing on Year Two at the Funk University, the trailblazing online bass guitar academy masterminded by funk legend Bootsy Collins.

Funk U Year Two has a 1000 student cap on enrollment. Get exclusive updates and enroll at

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