Heavy Links - The Heavy Links EP [Heavy Links]After releasing their three track promotional debut The Bombsite EP, late in December last year, the Lincoln based Heavy Links crew return, just six months later, with a six track follow-up titled The Heavy Links EP. Like its predecessor, this release is quick to lay it’s foundations in boom-bap, with producer Exclusive Ramone supplying a mellow soundtrack, lead by heavy kick-drum / snare combos, with Donnie Propa on cuts, and delivering some tasty scratches throughout.

Emcee's Habitat and El Tel The Dopeness handle microphone duties, this time with Sonnyjim, Cappo and Chrome joining them on Rap Ambassadors, and MCG appearing on the flow-centric head-nodder Gritty.

Overall, The Heavy Links EP is a good follow-up to their first outing, delivering the same standard of production that followers will have come to expect till now. Boom-bap enthusiasts will be sure to enjoy this one, and may even find the relaxing, bouncy, release providing the soundtrack to their summer. Needless to say, with this being their second free release in just six months, the group is steadily doing what it takes to put them firmly on the UK hip-hop radar over 2011.

Release Date: 25th June 2011

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Heavy Links - The Heavy Links EP [Heavy Links]

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