Caspa - BiographyCaspa, from Luton, can only be described as an 'artist', he is extremely heartfelt and talented. His talent in spoken word extends beyond the categorical label of 'MC' or 'Rapper'. He is a storyteller for the new generation of open minded music junkies and a brother to the lonely at heart.

Hip-hop culture has run in his blood for years, starting with writing lyrical poetry then applying it to music in order to educate and enlighten the listener into important world issues usually ignored in the whirlwind of daily struggles. Caspa's roots extend to a Pakistani background and from the Dallow area in Luton. His huge following of eager supporters however not only consists of the Asian community but from every ethnicity.

When asked what his music is all about Caspa responded, 'I am Caspa. I represent freedom for the enchained and the oppressed. My music is for people to relate too. I often take the words out of people's hearts, so that's why people enjoy it most, I use political views also to enlighten and educate the minds of young individuals to what is really going on in the world'.

When probed about what influences him Caspa continued, 'This is my fuel. I burn inside when I see a child die on the news or on another youtube video. Growing up on a racist estate and spending a part of my life abroad has enlightened me too help the less fortunate'. He also elaborated on the meaning of his lyrics, 'By relating to their pain through my words. I am poet as well as a story teller everyone deserves to play a part in history. I am playing mine. The people of the world are always in my heart and in my words'.


Caspa is part of a collective of talented artists from the local area 'Free Your Style' currently on the route to success in the world of music. Currently recording a promotional EP 'No Justice, Just Us' to follow by an album later on in 2012. Already receiving praise from respected artists in the industry, and receiving thousands of views on his music videos available on YouTube. Caspa is delighted to have been asked to perform alongside massive UK rappers Lowkey and Akala in South Hampton in January.

With hard work and persistence 2012 will hopeful be an extremely successful year for Caspa and his team at 'Free Your Style', who not only focus on music distribution, but open mic events in the area 'Free Your Style Saturdays' are re-starting on February 25th at the new Student Union at the University of Bedfordshire, Food For Thought clothing and building 'Project FYS' a project focused on giving back to those who require aid or are suffering in any poverty in any form.

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