Rain - Running For My Freedom CD [LNT Productions]Rain is a new figure on the UK Hip Hop landscape. He has arrived with a new album and video after having put in years of work grinding. Originally from London, Rain is not to be confused with any of the other Rains you may have come across.

Rain's album opens with an upbeat track, Solution, on which he shows you what he's about lyrically. Having honed his style his rhymes are clear and precise and you get a feel for his flow and production. Fly Day is an ode to good times, an element often missing from today's sometimes bleak Hip Hop scene and a welcome change. This enjoyment is continued on Cos I'm Nang on which Rain demonstrates more original flows over a head nodding beat co produced with DJ Eskape.

Rain's had his fair share of alcohol so heed his words on Drink At Your Own Peril there's a serious message here explained in an amusing yet still serious way over a jazzy production. Rain gets more serious on Lost Ones in which he laments the seeming necessity of violence in Hip Hop - classic chorus on this one! On Razors Edge Eskape and Rain have come up with an epic soundscape and Rain shows its still possible to sing on the chorus without ruining the track. Surveillance gets into the UK CC TV situation and Rain explains some of the effects on society.

Rain gets introspective on Feelings, putting his philosophies into his bars over a melancholic saxaphone. This is a track that you will come back to again as everything seems to come together very nicely here. This same theme continues on How Did I End Up Here? where again Rain is not afraid to face his personal demons and explain it coherently and with passion.

With four good tracks still to go all produced by Rain and DJ Eskape the album is an impressive debut project from Life N Times Productions, a new UK label based in the South West. Expect more goodness from this label and check out Rain's video for his Running For My Freedom track also on the album.

By: Esh | IBMCs on Facebook

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