Skitz - Never mp3 [Dragon Drop]Skitz returns to the affray with this multi faceted audio gem. Produced alongside the mighty musical scientist Engine-Earz who is imminently destined for greatness, the track encompasses two of Skitz's trademarks - low end theory and cream of the crop emcees and vocalists.

Originally from the Sticksman album; Never has been refixed and revoiced, replacing the sampled chorus with the sweet vocals of Darrison and the additional verse from the dulcet tones of Mr Manuva. Its almost come full circle; Roots has not penned a tune for Skitz for a while and this one complements Skitz's long-time co-hort and godfather of UK rap - Rodney P to a tee. To say this is rap royalty is not an understatement. This is a tag team to be reckoned with. Uncompromising lyrics alongside heavyweight production. Also look out for a fresh touch from Solo Banton.

Most importantly Skitz does not follow fashion. He's always carved his own niche, throwing a sidelong glance at current trends and possibly a quick musical salute. This is a big tune with a massive array of talent all coming together in a show of unity and strength. All comfortable within themselves and showing a passion for the music they love and creating a huge sonic tour-de-force.

Release Date: 7th May

Skitz - Never Launch Party At East Village 

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