Potent Whisper ft. Nanci Correia - Between the Lines MP3 [Congo Natty Records]2012 has already proved to be a productive year for Potent Whisper, seeing the South-West London MC release a string of independent free downloads on the public. From his collaborative effort on Mynib, with fellow rising British MC Tenchoo, over producer Dirty Stanz's hard-hitting beat, to the controversial subject addressed over The Peoples Response to Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, each release demonstrated new growth and versatility from the artists earlier work.

Between the Lines sees Whisper and Stanz team up once again, this time joined by the vocal talents of Nanci Correia supplying the chorus. This time round Dirty Stanz constructs a far different vibe from their previous collaborative efforts, creating a minimalistic, poignant, slightly trip-hop soundscape, to compliment Whisper's equally poignant lyricism. Nanci Correia adds a soulful and powerful chorus, which provides an emotive hook supporting the messages and startling imagery found within Whisper's verses.

Potent Whisper continues to bring a uniquely poetic and socially aware voice to the British hip-hop scene, touching on a compendium of current world issues, with technical lyricism, and distinctive delivery, making him one of the more interesting MC's coming out of London right now. With Between the Lines, the combination of three equally talented artists makes for an end product that conveys powerful feelings of fear, sorrow, pain, and beauty in unison.

You can download Between the Lines free, as well as all previous releases from Potent Whisper, directly from his website, as found in the links below.

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Release Date: 9th July 2012

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