Jehst - The Illest (Live in London) MP3 [YNR]If you haven't been lucky enough to catch the YNR General Jehst with his incredible full live band, we have a little taster of what you've been missing. The band demonstrate exactly how to take live Hip-Hop to a completely different plateau; smashing through an epic rendition of 'The Illest' (taken from 2011's 'The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family' in this brand new video by emerging director Tarun Thind.

The video uses footage from Thind's forthcoming film about Jehst, this is an 'access-all-areas' glimpse of the "cult hero" (NME) through the young filmmakers lens.

Featuring a sterling line up of Micall Parknsun (YNR) on hype-man duties, the time-signature-changing magician Kwake (Speakers Corner Quartet / Dels) on drums, the beautifully ethereal Fae Simon on vocals, Louis Slipperz (Task Force / Owiny Segoma Band) on bass, DJ champ Jazz T (Boot) on the wheels of steel and extra-special guest Mo Kolours (OHM) on congas - it's a spectacle that you have to witness yourself!

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