Mynature - BiographyMynature (pronounced miniature) already knows what its like to be a star. "In my ends I'm already a star, everybody knows me. You cant walk through the area and not know who Mynature is!" - Born and raised in Woolwich South East London Mynature has acquired local fame as much through his rap skills as he has from his time spent hustling in the streets.

Mynature burst onto the scene when he started his Myni-Mondays series which saw him release a video every week for nine weeks in the run up to Christmas to critical acclaim. The Myni-Mondays series saw him secure roughly 200,000 Youtube views in nine weeks, whilst the likes of Semtex (1Xtra), Shortee Blitz (Kiss), 279 (Choice FM), Angus Batey (Guardian newspaper) and more tipped him as one to watch in 2012.

"My life has been a movie!" he says… and he's not wrong. Having pursued his rap dreams whilst hustling on the streets Mynature found himself getting his first radio plays from DJ 279 whilst serving a six year prison sentence. Unable to capitalise off of the exposure he received due to his incarceration Mynature decided that he was going to turn his life around. Whilst in prison his older brother passed away from an unexpected heart attack. Mynature was released for the funeral but was unable to comfort his grieving mother as he was taken back into custody as soon as the funeral was over.

MynatureUpon his release Mynature went to work at a barber shop. One afternoon unknown figures from his past decided to come after Mynature. Whilst cutting hair at the front of the shop they opened fire on him spraying the shop with bullets. "It's a miracle I wasn't hit, I just took it as a sign that I'm meant to fulfil my destiny in music".

Leaving the hustling behind him, Mynature decided to dedicate his time completely to music. After hooking up with Dot Rotten the two became close and began working on a Mynature album with Dot Rotten on production.

Dot Rotten managed to secure himself a record deal and with his commitments to touring Mynature's project was never finished. Unperturbed Mynature began recording with different producers but didn't really have the strong material that matched his skills as a rapper. That was until he met Efexx.

Efexx introduced Mynature to his manager Bilionaireben who quickly signed him to Unstoppable Music Group, the production company he had set up with Efexx. Now Mynture is ready to release his highly anticipated debut album "It's My Nature"" on Unstopppable Music Group.

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