Stig Of The Dump - Cannon Fodder EP [Lewis Recordings]Stig Of The Dump is proud to answer the year's most burning pop-culture question: What would Adele's "Someone Like You" have sounded like were she an angry drunk? This all important revelation comes in the form of the song "One", which you can handily listen to as part of the rapper Stig's new Cannon Fodder EP.

Stig's story is now the stuff of Great British legend. Having announced himself on the underground rap scene with 2006's Homeless Microphonist EP, Stig asserted himself as an End Of The Weak world rap battle champion, gently embarrassed Asher D in a face-off, and then dropped the much-acclaimed Mood Swings LP in 2010. Now he's airing out his furious flow and smart song-writing ability with the Cannon Fodder EP.

The project's five tracks pay testament to the range of Stig's rapping. He likens the vibe of the opener, "One", to something akin to "comedy fire from a bitter ex's mouth", while "Hard Work" delves into what the rapper characterises as the "abusive relationship" that an artist experiences with his art. Quickly though, the atmosphere of the EP shifts, with the walloping one-two punch of the furious "Official" and "Head Banger Boogy". Talking about the former, Stig says it's a veritable "school bully of a track" that acts like it's just "bounded around the playground dragging its knuckles and taking dinner money and sweets off the pop and fashion kids".

Keeping up the intensity, the EP then closes out with "They", formerly a single and which has Stig voicing the opinion that, "Great minds don't think alike - they think differently / So that's why public opinion ain't shit to me". It's a quote that sums up Stig's staunchly individualistic nature, but with the Cannon Fodder EP we'd like to think the Great British public is firmly in his camp.

Buy on Stig's Bandcamp and get a FREE TRACK!

Cannon Fodder EP Launch at Brixton Jamm with Pete Cannon, Mystro, Kyza, Sonnyjim, Dabbla and many more!

Date: Saturday 29th September 2012
Tickets £5:

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