DJ Suspect And Doc TMK ft. Carpetface And Audible1 - E.V.E.R.Y.B.O.D.Y. 7" [Luhna Records]Here is the new 7 inch from DJ Suspect of France's Funk League on Luhna Records. Following on from last year's phenomenal Funky As Usual album, this time Suspect teams up with fellow French MPC enthusiast Doc TMK and enlists UK emcees Carpetface and Audible1, who bring back the Funk yet again over a multilayered production with slamming drums, beat boxes, horns, funky bassline, flute, it's all there. The scratches are crazy - a step above the usual - and the chorus is the kind you end up singing along to without thinking about it.

The remix on the B side is also dope; bongos, horns, pianos and saxophone coming together on a big band kinda thing, produced by Cleon and Jazzy Pidjay. This is pure Hip Hop and the hater brigade will not be able to find fault with this record. Suspect and Doc TMK plan to release more of these 7s building towards an album project.

You may know Carpetface from his releases on his Newbias label, an emcee with an old school flow reminiscent of the mighty Aspects crew. With Audible1, they compliment each other's styles perfectly, providing a welcome change from the typical UK emcees moaning misery, instead bringing funky wordplay and a refreshing party vibe that demands many many rewinds.

By: Esh | IBMCs on Facebook


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