Night Movements - N.M.S [Audio]Night Movements are a collective of emcees and producers from Birmingham UK who beginning to really make a name for themselves on the UK Hip-Hop scene. Their brand new self titled debut album displays their lyrical wordplay and showcase their songs about real life issues. Production on the album will appeal to 'real hip-hop heads' with a solid sound throughout the album created by Exacist, Tim Page and Mac Real, while Exacist, Hyksos, Darka, Kams, Wise One and Rasp One deal with the verbals.

UK Hip-Hop just got that little bit more exciting once again, so take some time out and check out this amazing collection of work.

Download link:

Night Movements - Double Threat Video:

Track List:

01. Role Models
02. Double Threat
03. Waste Of Space
04. Frustrated
05. Everyday Bullshit
06. Alone In My Room
07. No Love
08. Ma Dukes
09. Body Is A Cage
10. What You Doing Out
11. Lost World (Re-Visited)
12. Feel Like Giving Up
13. Suicide Death Tips
14. If Your Heart Stops
15. Night Movement Shit (Bonus Track)

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