Tru Lyrikks - Freeverse [Video]Nathaniel Hamilton (Tru Lyrikks), is a 19 year old conscious emcee from Toronto, Canada. He's been rapping since the age of 9. His mum had all kinds of music out for him to listen to, and he's taken many different elements of each genre and incorporated them into his style. He feels he can honestly say that he represents hip hop to the fullest. He believes in spreading knowledge and always putting out a deep message. Tru Lyrikks reached out to us and after we listened to his song "Freeverse", we enjoyed it because its real, pure hip hop.

The song was produced by Juvenile Techniques and shot / edited / directed by Jamyle who you can find on Twitter @BLACKGODSWAG. The video is for the first song off of an EP that was released in February 2013 entitled Hors D'Oeuvres (you can check out the full EP here: It's a song delivered with intelligence and demostrates Tru Lyrikks' lyrical creativity and freedom of expression.

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