Fresh on the back of Asaviour letting us know that Huddersfield can kick it as hard as the rest of the country we now see the talents of Spida Lee emerging from the Northern city. He’s been doing his things for ten years now and is part of the Practical Headz crew.

On the back of local support and doing the grind via a tour of schools Spida Lee has just dropped his debut release entitled Verbal Assassin, in advance of an LP release later in the year.

For this Verbal Assassin release Spida Lee has enlisted the production talents of Beat Butcher and even has SkinnyMan making a cameo appearance in the video for the track. This track is no nonsense hard hitting Hip Hop and you can see why Spida Lee has been accepted so quickly.

As you might expect with a title like Verbal Assassin, the vocals are right in your face and give off an aggy vibe. The beat by Butcha is nice enough but stutters along utilising an electronica loop, but the overall effect does lack something.

However it is a pity that despite all the rumpus surrounding Spida Lee he does have some limitations – this is not so original that it stands out and whilst the UK accent may be present, too many of the lyrics contain Americanisms that you are left feeling a bit like this is a follower rather than a leader. Coupled with the fact that this release only contains one track you are left feeling a bit underwhelmed.

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