Cappo - Thousand Word Exodus 12" [Blunted Astronaut]Hailing from Nottingham, Cappo none other than the Grand Imperial, aka Gusto Grizwold is a writer, performer and producer with experience spanning two decades. This is Blunted Astronaut's twentieth release, and sees the Iron Condor take flight over some left-field beats by North London recluse and audiophile, DJ Drinks.

Title track "Thousand Word Exodus" sees Cappo return to his underground lyrical roots over a dark piano and inspired drum programming. The instrumental and acapella tracks are available only on the 12" format.

The B-side throws up two further gems with "Yield Of Labour", a continuation of themes first explored on P Brothers' 2001 release "Elysium Fields" and finally "Dean's List" knocks all your teeth out with full clip deliveries and a sub guaranteed to rattle even the most ardent soundsystem.

All tracks have a retro feel and are programmed on E-mu Systems SP1200 and Emax and recorded to BASF 468 Master Tape. Original style! The release will be limited to 300 copies with superb packaging courtesy of illustrator Snooze and design maverick Mr. Krum.

Track list:

Side A:
1. Thousand Word Exodus (Vocal)
2. Thousand Word Exodus (Instrumental)
3. Thousand Word Exodus (Acappella)

Side B:
1. Yield Of Labour - Elysian Fields Part Two (Vocal)
2. Dean's List (Vocal)

Shipping: Early December

Cappo - Thousand Word Exodus by Blunted Astronaut Records

Cappo - Yield Of Labour (Elysian Fields Pt. II) by Blunted Astronaut Records

Cappo - Dean's List by Blunted Astronaut Records

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