KC Da Rookee - BiographyYou may not know KC Da Rookee but we do. He was top of the European Hip Hop charts in the early 2000's. KC Da Rookee is a UK Hip Hop Artist whose debut album Rookee Stizza was released on Showdown Records in Germany in 1999. This was followed up by the album Nexcalibur in 2002 with the single Four Fists reaching number fifteen in the National German charts.

KC Da Rookee was born in Derby in the East Midlands and moved with his mother and sister aged two to Nottingham. KC's mother introduced him to Hip Hop by purchasing him his first single - Doug E Fresh featuring Slick Rick "The Show". Since then KC has been living and breathing the Hip Hop life.

KC joined the British Army aged fifteen and after one year of basic training was posted to Germany. On weekends KC would leave the Army camp and visit the local Hip Hop clubs, immersing himself in the local culture and scene. After five years, he decided to leave the Army, learn fluent German and pursue a career in music.

KC Da Rookee

As well as his European releases KC has also toured with many international known artists such as Outkast, Eminem, Noreaga, The Fugees, Sean Price and Gangstarr. In 2012 KC decided that the time was now right to launch back into the music scene. He is now ready to cement his legacy on the culture which he felt was misunderstood in the UK, by writing an album which is fresh, inspiring and positive. The new album "Chosen" features production from top German producers, DJ Desue, C.L.A.S, and Berlin producer and BMI 2011 winner Paul Nza, Hamburg newcomer Rob Easy, French producer Azaia, and Nottingham producer DJ Fever, giving the album an all round European Hip Hop sound, something which has never been accomplished before. The LP will also feature Jamaican artist Elephant Man.

KC Da Rookee has been signed to newly formed UK independent label Moroni 7 Records who focus on delivering positive, conscious and uplifting music to a worldwide audience. KC Da Rookee is now determined to deliver positive and inspiring Hip Hop music that encapsulates his unique talent with a motivation and desire to touch the hearts and minds of this wandering generation. He is laying down his claim, setting out his stall, and now ready to deliver his truly special, one of a kind, authentic hip hop.

KC Da Rookee - Let Em Know [Moroni 7 Records]

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