Ricko - Slick Sunday SeriesRicko also known as Slick, Ricko Capito and Stainless Steel, is a British born rapper of Cuban, American and Jamaican decent. The London based artist is unmistaken for his distinctive voice, silky flow and flamboyant charisma, he is without a doubt one of the UK's rising rap talents to watch.

Perviously featured on acclaimed underground albums and mixtapes such as Klashnekoff's "Back To The Sagas", Funky DL's "Blackcurrent Jazz 2" and Yung Meth's "Snizzy The Mixtape" Ricko has set his mark in the UK rap scene.

Today he is voicing his talent on the weekly Slick Sunday remix series where Ricko is skilfully breaking the boundaries of Hip-Hop sub-genres showcasing his diverse lyrical game across a variety of dope instrumentals ranging from oldschool classics to modern street anthems in a coherent mashup curated for Rap and Hip-HopMusic aficionados.

In addition we are also excited to confirm that Ricko is currently wrapping up his debut studio album titled "Slick Rick" featuring musicians and artists form the and UK and US, the album is scheduled for release later this year.

Running for over four months and now with over sixty minutes of playtime we can today enjoy the twentieth track release from the Slick Sunday series as an exclusive download on Soundcloud.

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