DJ Supreme aka Soops ft. Icepick - Just Me and You MP3 [Backbone]Would you believe it has been eight years since we covered DJ Supreme's Turntable Trixters DVD? Well it has, its been too long and finally DJ Supreme has come out of retirement. Apparently this song, an underground single featuring The Icepick has been bubbling around since last summer, but this is the first time it has come across my radar. The track has recieved a 'soft' release, but has been brewing nicely on Soundcloud and Youtube receiving a lot of plays and positive feedback, and so its time to spread the word!

DJ Supreme and The Icepick have been doing this longer than I care to remember and have been responsible for some of the hardest sounding tracks to drop whether on this shore or anywhere for that matter. So you would expect something special. The track Just Me and You doesn't dissapoint and comes in three forms, the first main version has an upbeat electonic acid synth sound, but is still all Hip Hop, but a bit different. Possibly a bit remincent of Fallacy's 'The Groundbreaker'. Its bouncy, vibey and catchy. The Icepick details what he seeks in a female partner and his carnal desires. He elaborates on what he would do, it would result in a bit of noise being made and possibly disturbing his neighbours.

The Magnetic re-fix is still synth heavy, but has a snappy snare and a bit of an 80's pop feel. The Lazyboy mix is perhaps the most classic Hip Hop with a seemingly sampled guitar loop, hard to state which version I'm feeling more. All three versions are quite different, but are all strong and DJ Supreme thinks this is, "one of my finest pieces to date". Peep the original below.

I've been assured by DJ Supreme that more music coming soon, so watch this space.

DJ Supreme aka Soops

youtube bhh channel

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