Dirtz of N2P - Hunger Pains LP [Nothink 2 Prove]Hot on the heels of N2P's well respected release 'The Mission', Dirtz drops this brand new album which once again concretes N2P's place in the UK urban music market. Hailing from the country's second city, Birmingham, Nothink 2 Prove is an independent label that is about releasing quality, uplifting and positive music. After a string of solid live shows and appearances on leading UK urban channels such as P110, Word On Road and UK Overstood, the future is set.

Dirtz's focus, his passion and his grind ethic are be saluted, as he tells us his next release is already mixed and mastered and ready to go!

'Hunger Pains' is a thirteen track album produced my Manchester's Dr. G who has worked with the likes of Wu Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck, KRS-One and members of 2Pac's Outlawz amongst others. The beats bang and the guest features read like a 'whose who' of the Birmingham rap scene with Asad (LOTD), Cipher Jewels (Moorish Delta 7), I-Yudah (TGYD), M3 & Dece Divine (N2P), Giz Da Boss Type (Royalist), Vertex, Meeks (S-Squad) and Andre I all featuring.

Get up on 'Hunger Pains'... one of the realest albums you will hear from a UK artist this year.

Dirtz of N2P - Hunger Pains Track List:

01. Life Lessons Feat. Asad (LOTD)
02. Aim High Feat. Cipher Jewels (Moorish Delta 7)
03. Like a Boss
04. Under Estimated Me Feat. I-Yudah (TGYD)
05. Lookin Up
06. Go Hard Feat. M3 (N2P) Giz Da Boss Type (Royalist
07. Walk Alone Feat. M3 (N2P)
08. Make Ends Meet Feat. Dece Divine (N2P) & Vertex
09. Find a Way Feat. Dece Divine (N2P)
10. The System
11. Whats It All About Feat. M3 (N2P)
12. Good Time Feat. M3 (N2P) & Andre I
13. Life Lessons Feat. M3 (N2P) & Meeks (S-Squad)

All tracks produced by Dr. G.

Dirtz of N2P - Like a Boss

Dirtz of N2P - Under Estimated Me Feat. I - Yudah (TGYD)

Dirtz of N2P - Whats It All About Feat. M3 (N2P)

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