Ricky On Guitar And ShaoDow ft. Life White - The Rise MP3 [Indie]Established Essex born artist / composer / guitarist 'Ricky On Guitar', and London rapper ShaoDow have teamed up to release new single 'The Rise'. The concept of the song itself is inspired by the unspoken fears and emotions most young men feel before having children and becoming a father. In a time when 'babies' are having babies The Rise stops to ask... am I ready? - before jumping into bed.

This unique combination has fused together something interesting, but maybe not truly special on 'The Rise', with ShaoDow's thought provoking lyrics amidst a conscious flow, Ricky's soaring guitar melodies giving the track a rock / grunge feel and less of an urban / Hip Hop feel which I feel detracts from its impact and desireability from my point of view. The hook on the chorus emanates a perfect balance between Life White's elevated vocals and Ricky's guitar, making it memorable alongside the story within the song itself.

Overall, not really sure if this is my bag, but it does fill a cross genre niche.

Release date: 17th November 2014

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