I hadn’t heard of Geebag until now, but apparently he has been around for a bit of time now and has performed at the Apollo theatre and even the Italian National Breakdancing Championships in 2004. He has also just won Ras Kwame and Baby J’s 1Xtra Homegrown talent competition.

This debut release is a double A side and the opening track Still Rockin is a bit of a scorcher. Produced by Mr Jaes you know what to expect. Hardcore beats and cuts make for a severe hit to the dome. Geebag lets us know what he is about with a flow that shows ability to ride a beat and confidence which shows many years of practising to make sure he comes correct. Geebag raps well within his vocal range and may lack a bit of impact for that, but it is undeniable that this track rocks.

01. Still Rockin
02. Still Rockin Instrumental
03. Raindrops
04. Raindrops Instrumental
The flip contains Raindrops which is one of those reminiscing tracks which reflects on all those good times we had when growing up. Jimmy Plates provides the beat which is ideal for this type of track. An easy going strings loop and well placed female vocal sample produce a classic sound to close your eyes to and enables the listener to be transported to the times Geebag is talking about.

So this is a quality release with which Geebag sets out his stall and takes that next step to making his mark on the game. Be sure to keep checking for Geebag’s debut album No Worries which is set for release later this summer.

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