Paradox And DJ Sean P - Mending [Audio]With the multitude of platforms on which music can now be consumed for free, it seems like offering something as a free download is far less enticing than it once was. But either way, Paradox wanted to let you know about some music you can either stream or download for free:

The first is an entire remix of Paradox's last solo album, "Mending", the re-working done by the homie GodzG from Tamworth. This is phat in the extreme, the beats bump and have authentic sample crackle for that old school feel. Paradox gives as good as he gets lyrically. Most tracks have a feature or two for vocal variety, so look out for cameo appearances from Relic, Griffin, Wonder Brown, Motion Plus, Freddy Bruno, Sivion, Sintax The Terrific, IZK and Manchild as well as a whole heap of others I have not mentioned.

The offering also includes cuts from DJ Sean P and the full set of instrumentals as well. Peep it below.

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