TSK - Average Rapper Syndrome MP3 [Rhyme Pad Records]TSK is a twenty three year old rapper from Thetford, East Anglia. He has just dropped his debut album entitled Average Rapper Syndrome within the last forty eight hours and as soon as we heard it we knew we had to promote it and get it heard. TSK has spent the last twelve months working on the album and we believe that this has paid off and that the album has the potential to have a strong impact.

TSK believes he is different to anyone else out there, and he really thinks there is a place in the game for him. We agree, his tracks have personally introspective tone reflecting on society and where TSK fits in in this world. The album is mainly produced by Micall Parknsun with other tracks by Marlon, Pro P, Ill Thought and Huphy and has cuts from Jabba Tha Kutt and Professor Break. Its all mixed and mastered by Jabba The Kutt at Sensible Nutter HQ and executive produced by Diddy Koi and as such it sounds good.

The LP is strong, has a proper boom bap feel with heavy kicks and cracking snares coupled with choice samples. I don't think I can point to any one particular moment as a stand out, its all well done and on a level. Uncle Eddy sounds particularly thick and of course the Klashnekoff, Deadly Hunta and Si Phili track is hard as hell. Food takes an interesting angle and examines the contents of our food and how malnutrition is making us ill and big phama rich and encourages organic farming. As ever there is features from well known artists like the aforementioned Deadly Hunta, Si Phili, Klashnekoff and Tone and a few names new to me such as Shodowstar and Diddy Koi.

Overall a top offing from a new star on the rise. £5 at Band camp, go spend a few nuggets.

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