KRS-One At The Doctor's OrdersKRS-One's career began with DJ Scott La Rock as one half of Boogie Down Productions in 1985 with the release of 'Criminal Minded' – a true Hip-Hop classic. They took the funky sound and party lyrics of old school Hip-Hop and created a rawer rougher political sound, producing some of Hip-Hop's most classic tracks to date such as 'Stop the Violence', 'Jack Of Spades' and 'South Bronx' that have influenced every MC and producer since.

After the tragic loss of former partner Scott La Rock, KRS-One went on to create yet more classics such as the phenomenal 1993 hit 'Sound Of Da Police' and 'Step Into A World'. Tracks that never leave any self respecting Hip-Hop DJ's record box and rock the dance-floor every time they are played.

More than just an MC and entertainer KRS-One stands for Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone; a moniker that points towards this man's role as political activist, writer and teacher. A staunch defender of Hip-Hop and all its elements as an art form, he is the antithesis of the easy come easy go bling attitude that purveys Rap and it protagonists today. As he puts it, "Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live".

This is your chance to see the legendary KRS-One in the intimate setting of Camden's legendary venue, The Jazz Café.

Venue: The Jazz Cafe, 5 Parkway, Camden, London NW1 7PG
Support: Mr Thing, Spin Doctor
Date: Tuesday 19th May And Wednesday 20th May
Doors: 7pm

KRS-One At The Doctor's Orders

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