Serocee - Life / War 12" [Ill Flava]When we told you about Serocee’s demo, we knew it wouldn’t be long before he got things together for a higher profile release. Originally from Birmingham Serocee spent his formative years in the Caribbean and is now based in London. Having hooked up with Karl Hinds and producer Darkjoint he is now being released on the Ill Flava label.

With this release Serocee is set to drop one of the hottest tunes of the summer. The A side 'Life' is a hip hop banger which draws on Serocee’s musical background with infectious reggae style vocals. This track has all the right ingredients and the extraordinary plan is to do better than the runaway success of 'Welcome To Jamrock' by Damian Marley last year. A tall order indeed.

Serocee - Life / War 12" [Ill Flava]
01. Life
02. Life (Instrumental)
03. War
04. War (Instrumental)

Produced by Urban Monk 'Life' is a mid tempo, but upbeat in outlook song which draws reference to the fact that life is short and we should all make the most of it, summed up by the lyrics: "we are all living but will die… just make sure you make the most of life". The track whilst having all the elements there, the repeated ‘Life’ sample at the end of each line for me makes the track feel as though it doesn’t get going as much as it could and therefore doesn’t reach the substantial potential.

Also featuring on this release’s b-side is new track 'War', which is a hard hitting call to arms. From the opening syth note you know this is a much harder affair. There is a high level of orchestration on this track which mixes local commentary in with world issues featuring Bush and Blair.

Serocee is currently busy working on his debut album from which 'Life' will be taken, called 'Second Generation Windrush Pickney', soon to be released on Ill Flava Records / JPM FAM. The album sees production duties shared by Darkjoint, Cavey, Karl Hinds and Urban Monk.

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