Dominant G aka Dom G is not a new name in the hip hop world. His lyrical skills have been applauded by some of the biggest names in the industry including DJ 279, DJ Big Ted, DJ's MK and Shortie Blitz and Capital Xtra's Tim Westwood to name a few.

Dominating mics is something that many MCs never master but Dom G honed his craft in open-mic sessions at the legendary Flavour Of The Month hosted by DJ 279. Music has always been a part of his life from his early days; "I grew up listening to a lot of jazz and soul; people like The Crusaders, Bob James and Frank Zappa".

Dom G first teamed up with the legendary UK label Low Life and released his cult classic EP entitled 'The Whole Circumference', featuring David J. He then dropped the "Slip Stream" on Rumour Records / Stonegroove.

He then released his ground breaking EP entitled "Feelin Me" which made noise and received a heavy affair of air play.

After a brief hiatus he delivered his first solo album entitled "Air" which featured some of the best underground artist and producers both UK and state-side alike. A very mature album which included collaborations from the likes of Bay area's finest "Zion I" and New York's very own ID4 Windz of "Scienz of life". It also included home-grown heavyweights like DJ Excalibur, Apollo, LG, Nomadic P along with the acclaimed French vocalist "Phoebe Killdeer" of The Short Straws.

He then went on to craft his second studio album entitled "Nicely Does It" which was predominantly an in-house affair with producers Yabba and Opus at the helm he says "I've known these guys forever so it was like working with my mates".

Dom G is now set to release his new project "Parallax" which is out Next week. However Out Now! is his new single "Coke Bottle Cutie" which is taken from the fourth coming EP "Audio Alchemy" which is due out later this year.

Keep watching this space...

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