Mic Righteous - Ronnie Pickering [Video]You've all heard of Ronnie Pickering by now, right? Well he's back. Don't worry, he ain't throwing out challenges for bear-knuckle fights, he's back in name only - gracing the title of Mic Righteous's latest visuals.

After a while away, Mic blessed us Ronnie Pickering as a brand new track last month. However, as someone that's all about giving back to his fans, vocals alone weren't ever going to suffice.

Directed by Tom J. Cronin, this video complements the gritty, angry and brooding track perfectly, with Mic coming across as captivating as ever.

Check this one out, it's a welcome return for one of the UK's finest.

And for any publishers out there seeking blood, Mic's already shut you down. "No one can sue me on a publishing vibe... this one is free".

By: Gareth Hancock

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