Chairman Maf - 1976 LP [Village Live]Fortunately for the world, the Village Live label has released the Chairman Maf album '1976' on wax, originally only available digitally (released in 2013). Maf has already gained quite a bit of attention from his other instrumental albums which each bring to life the musical universe inside his mind, drawn from an extremely diverse range of sounds and samples. Both 'Paint' and 'Soup' are great listens and '1976' also has many layered bangers.

Chairman Maf leaves the grime in the beats unapologetically - some frequencies on this record go against the grain of what might normally be expected, but this serves to solidify CM's sound as something original, one example of this could be the use of filters which is particularly nice in my opinion. All in all, the record is a varied selection with wistful Spanish guitars ('Django') mellow scratchy uplifting piano loops ('Rise') and crazy orchestral strings on my personal favourite, 'Torture'. What can I say? Heavy record, buy it!!

By: Esh | IBMCs

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