The Summit - Nocturnes LP [Soundweight]The Summit aka DJ Drinks is a UK producer known to a few for the quality of his productions, and epitomizing the 90s jazzy boombap sound that is currently enjoying a mini renaissance both in UK Hip Hop and globally. This album is somewhat of a hidden gem, stylishly presented and opening with a superb moogy-analogue thing, it then breaks into a series of lush beats with heavy drums, low filtered bass lines, vibes and / or echoed voice samples etc.

Although I would say the sound is instantly accessible to any listener, and in particular anyone who already likes that type of music, or instrumental Hip Hop generally, I also found the album to be a grower in that after repeated listens I am able to appreciate it's nostalgic feel even more. Similarly to George Fields, Mr Lemonnier sets a high standard for both the presentation of the sound and the vinyl making Nocturnes a collector's piece and the perfect background to a sunny afternoon.

By: Esh | IBMCs

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