Da Flyy Hooligan - Asantihini [Video]New video by north west London rapper Da Flyy Hooligan, "Asantihini" is taken from his album "S.C.U.M." out on October 27th through Miami label 22 Entertainment which includes guest featured artists Westside Gunn and Hus Kingpin, produced entirely by the UK's Agor.

The track adapts a concept from his African heritage, the word meaning "Ruler" of the Ashanti people of Ghana metaphorically applied to his own prowess on the mic through superior lyricism aand extravagant vocabulary.

Long established as one of the most gifted and creative artists in the burgeoning British rap scene, previous releases have included collaborations with further US luminaries including the late Sean Price, Prince Po, Dead Prez and Hasan Salaam.




Da Flyy Hooligan - Asantihini [Video]

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