Carpetface - Cognitive Diss LP [NewBias Digital / B-Line Recordings]Carpetface has been a well-respected player in international Hip Hop since 2002 with countless tours supporting heavyweights such as Pete Rock, De La Soul, Onyx, The Pharcyde, Ugly Duckling & Blak Twang.
On his second full-length album, Carpetface has collaborated US rap legend Donald D (Rhyme Syndicate / Ice T Power) and Young Einstein (Ugly Duckling).

'Cognitive Diss' drops on 12" Vinyl worldwide having recently signed a distribution deal with B-Line Recordings alongside working with several other labels and Amnesty International on imminent follow up projects.

With current radio support from over 30 shows / stations in UK / EU / US / CAN / NZ, an insane release and tour schedule in the pipeline, plus collabs, side-projects and props galore from fans and industry taste makers, Carpetface looks set to take the world by storm over the coming months.

Painstaking Arranger is the latest single from the album and features US legend Donald D.

His previous single released in January about Human Rights & Propaganda: 'Dont Get It Twisted' was voted Runner Up for Best Single by DJs and listeners in Radio Wigwam's 2017 International Online Radio Awards (out of 1200+ releases worldwide).

Release date: 12" Vinyl out 14 October

Carpetface - Cognitive Diss LP [NewBias Digital / B-Line Recordings]

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