Inspekt 'A' Rhyme was born in Nigeria, but since he has been over here has been regularly hooking up with The Rippah with whom he previously released his Paper Chase / Angels And Devils 12” as well as appearing on the Illegal Aid mixtape.

Now Inspekt ‘A’ Rhyme is set to drop his Dreams EP on the Spitfire Records / Dirt Track Entertainment label who previously put him out in 2004. The CD opens with Don’t Fuck Up My High track with some big snares and occasional noisy stabs and quiet cuts. Inspekt ‘A’ Rhyme has a slightly high pitched tone, but at the same time has an easy flow and can obviously get the job done. In the track he explains how his doing fine and doesn’t need any detractors who will bring him down.

01. Don’t Fuck Up My High
02. Dreams
03. Move
04. What The Future Holds
05. Testament
06. Kiss My Arse
07. Don’t Plan To Be Broke
08. 12345
The title track of the EP, Dreams comes next which is composed of an uplifting soulful loop and re-works the famous ‘Ain’t Nobody’ riff for the chorus. This is a real track to bump when cruising with the roof down. Inspekt ‘A’ Rhyme drops some observational lyrics about the UK music scene, but explains that he is more than special and is set to raise the bar.

Move follows with a great trumpet backing and shows a more aggy side to Inspekt ‘A’ Rhyme, who proceeds to attack all comers with his verbal bullets. The loudly chanted chorus asks who is this? And states that this is for London where he is representing for. A track full of energy and good old skool style bounce which would have a live crowd jumping up.
What The Future Holds opens in complete contract to the previous track with a gentle flute and much softer delivered raps. As the title suggests the track looks into what the future could hold, passes over personal struggles to come and what the consequenses of taking certain paths in life will be. Testament is produced by LeEo and brings together Fender Rhodes and a sweet vocal sample for Inspekt ‘A’ Rhyme to draw on some biblical influences and put them into modern context for some ideas on how to live life to the fullest.
The vibe is once again changed up for Kiss My Arse which brings a rowdy Wu style sound for Inspekt ‘A’ Rhyme to once again let off some anger via his verses, once again stating that he doesn’t care for detractors, perhaps indicating that either he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder or, more likely, as with many other UK acts actually has a valid point about lack of support and non-viable scence. With skills like these it remains a mystery why this is the case.

The penultimate track Don’t Plan To Be Broke is another more easy going track with another great loop which sets the vibe nicely. One of the main worries people have is wondering where money is coming from in the future and Inspekt ‘A’ Rhyme is no different in this and here displays his hopes that his music can help prevent him in being broke in the future. His mother instilled a deep work ethic in him and he talks much sense about how to control ones finances.

The whole CD rounds off with 12345 a track with a really disappointing beat which really did nothing for me as it has no funk in the pattern. Inspekt ‘A’ Rhyme displays his usual virtuosity with a real fast delivery, but the track just doesn’t sound good to me. A sad note to end an otherwise great release.

The majority of the EP is produced by Off Key who has put together a fantastic sounding package. Inspekt ‘A’ Rhyme has been doing this for some time now and is sounding as good as he has ever done. Make sure you look out for him as he has produced some really interesting work here.

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