Aim - Flight 602 LP [AITC]Brand new album ‘Flight 602’ again sees us cruise somewhere over the mid-Atlantic, taking in both the cobbles and countryside of the North of England and the skyscrapers of North America in a rich panorama of sound. This is the music maestro’s fourth studio album.

Aim have become well established in the music industry and this release is going to confirm that reputation! Like Andy Turner says, ‘What I do would be completely different if I lived in the city’.
Aim - Flight 602 LP [AITC]
01. Intro 3
02. Walking Home Through The Park
03. Northwest
04. Puget Sound
05. Pier 57
06. Smile
07. Landlord
08. Aberdeen
09. Birchwood
10. Flight 602
11. Interview
12. It's Later Than You Think
The darling of his fledgling ATIC label, Niko, takes centre stage on Flight 602, the microphone dipped in her caramel vocals on jazz kickback Puget Sound, the eerily dramatic Aberdeen (‘Niko can find melodies I'd never dream of. In certain sections of this track I tried to get her sounding really distant, like in The Blair Witch Project’) and recent single Northwest.

There’s so much to choose from here too: from the hectic, urban sprawl of Birchwood to closer It’s Later Than You Think and its elements of folk and psyche perfectly in motion. To think that track came about ‘one afternoon in about an hour, with two friends, an acoustic guitar and a bit of paper’ is quite staggering.

Lest we forget Aim’s deceptively jaunty slight at political heavy-handedness Pier 57. Explains Andy, ‘in 2004 the Republican Party held their annual convention in Manhattan, NYC. For the weekend the city was under virtual martial law as the police and military fused and hundreds of peaceful protesters were literally herded up and held in an old abandoned warehouse full of oil and asbestos, some for over 48 hours with absolutely no charge. The warehouse was on New York's Pier 57’.

We could continue in this vein of soundbites and superlatives for some time. It’s just that Flight 602 one of those records so oversubscribed with potential favourite moments, one you’ll be arguing over with friends late into the night over the various merits of your personal picks, that it’s impossible to easily quantify.

Make sure you check out Aim with full live band, and support on Wednesday. 8th Novemer 2006 at Koko in Camden, London.

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