DangerWith her soulful pitch and poetic phrasing, Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s own rapper and R&B vocalist, Danger, exposes both an emotional vulnerability and strength that is quickly earning her the reputation as one of the south’s hottest unsigned female artists.

Rooted in an early love of gospel and writing poetry, Danger creates music with such vitality that after hearing her remake of his hit single “I’m Sprung”, Jive Recording Artist, T-Pain collaborated and hosted Danger’s latest mix tape, Straight Jacket, which is burning up the streets.

DangerDanger has risen through hip-hop obscurity in her home state of Florida by working in the studio as well as live on stage, opening for such rap luminaries as Slick Rick ‘The Ruler’, Mike Jones, and Young Jeezy. Her credits also include performing at the Ozone Magazine Regional Party, where her energetic show created fans that still stop her on the street in admiration of her skillful rhymes.

“You can’t deny this female is talented. It’s just a matter of time before she gets signed”, wrote Julie Brown of Ozone Magazine (Patiently Waiting Section). Danger is an extraordinary and diverse song writer. Danger has written songs for various artists in the music industry.

To listen to more music go to:

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