Terra Firma - War 12Finally the wait is over! One of the most anticipated super-groups in UK hip hop history is here to unleash their lyrical artillery on the world, bringing on the reign of a new era! The three man group are set to take over in 2007 and this release is just the start of hostilities.

For those that don’t know TERRA FIRMA comprises of three of the UK’s most talented MC’s to have ever risen from these shores. KYZA, KLASHNEKOFF & SKRIBLAH have spent years putting out underground heat and pure hip hop classics touring both together as TERRA FIRMA and individually, gaining a loyal fan base where ever they bless the m.i.c.

Terra Firma - War 12TERRA FIRMA’S founding member KLASHNEKOFF, has been at the forefront of the UK hip hop scene and regarded by many as the ambassador and voice of inner city Britain. Receiving extensive airplay on digital, analogue and pirate radio stations, has resulted in his tracks being used on various film soundtracks, compilations and even in a recent episode of East Enders. However there is always strength in numbers and with his TF army behind him, they are now set to take over the globe.

‘WAR’ see’s the crew regroup with another foot stopping, headnodder as they set their coordinates and march on the UK music industry crushing any who dare step in their path. TERRA FIRMA unleash a torrid of lyrically charged battle raps that decimate any and all competition over Mac1’s flute driven production.

WAR’ is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming TERRA FIRMA CD ‘FOUNDATION’ which is set for a November 6th release on their new label CENTRAL FOUNDATION RECORDS. Also look out for the Malcom X/JFK inspired video hitting all major stations in the coming months.

Its time for TERRA FIRMA take over!!

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