Avenue 707 CD [Hangout Records]Newly formed West Coast rap / urban hip hop group Avenue 707 celebrates the release of their first album, Avenue 707, on Hangout Records. Hangout Records, est. 2005, is the brainchild of childhood friends and band mates, Elwin Maiden and Jeff Nixon. These diligent visionaries decided that establishing a family-owned operation was the only way to have representation without compromising their creative freedom.

The Bay Area group brings together four talented members, each with rich and diverse musical experience: Vallejo-based rapper and songwriter D.K. Hogg, whose R & B background adds strength of vocals and depth of style to the mix; singer / songwriter Nay, whose participation in church and school choirs from an early age provides soulful style to the lyrics and composition; rapper, producer, and songwriter Yung E who looks to his jazz roots to add rhythm to the group's dynamics; and the youngest band member, Ms. Day, who electrifies listeners with her personal combination of poetry, soul and song.

Avenue 707 CD [Hangout Records]The result of this unification of soul and spirit is an album that demonstrates diverse interests and talents, mixed with common goals, lead to a successful group of friends showcasing their faith in music and in one another. The seventeen-track album highlights the individual talent of each member, while creating an album representative of the group's goal—bringing "new school and old school together".

One reviewer writes: "[It's] not the overworked, over-produced, commercial hype you're used to. Lots of groups talk about 'keepin' it real;' Avenue 707 does. A sound that's tight and arrangements that let the feelings of the artists themselves come through. An excellent debut, and good reason to look for future trips down 'the avenue'".

The arrangements vary from softer, soulful songs like "Heart Still Remember" and "This Life" to rhythmic, hip hop tracks like "Get Wit It" and "Round Here". This diversity lends a feeling of old-meets-new to the album, making Avenue 707 the culmination of a true musical journey.

Avenue 707, a unique blend of singing, songwriting, artistic freedom and creation, and heartfelt music that brings together history, family, love of music, and the goal of spreading the funk around. As the band says, "Whoever you are, whatever you do, everyone likes to hangout!"

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