Years ago, the foundations were laid for a crew which came to be known as Young N Restless (YNR). Started by Jehst and Lexis Salinger and originally known as Fools-I-View (if I remember rightly!), Jehst went on to be the main man of YNR and one of the most well-known rappers from these shores, whilst Lexis seemed to disappear off the scene altogether.

What seems like a lifetime since the “Life Imitating Art” collaboration track on Jehst’s first EP (1999 to be precise), Lexis has finally got his own group together known as Eighteen 18 and layed to wax a short burst of his intense lyrics.

01. Boogaloo Bugged Out (ft. Jehst)
02. Boogaloo Bugged Out (Instrumental)
03. Carol Patricia Kilner
04. Boogaloo Bugged Out (Clean)
05. Boogaloo Bugged Out (Acapella)
This five track 12” kicks off with ‘Boogaloo Bugged Out’, featuring his old partner in rhyme, where Lexis hollers out lines like “I’ve got your girl’s teeth marks in my pound of flesh” and trades lyrical blows with Jehst like those bygone days over an old school inspired cacophonous noise – very catchy indeed.

The other track on this awesome single is ‘Carol Patricia Kilner’, a slow melodic slice of ‘Sunday hip hop’ and featuring the most personal lyrics ever committed to vinyl; Lexis opens his heart and tells of his most emotional thoughts and recollections of his relationship with his mum, expressing what most of us - if we’d been in his situation - would probably keep locked in deep inside and best summed up by the line “loving people against adversity”. I could spend a long time picking through and analysing each line but it would be best for you to hear it to discover what I mean.

As a taster of the ‘Body Armour’ album, I would urge everyone to buy this release, it’s a unique single showing how hip hop can be harsh, frenetic and heavy but have its softer, reflective side too.

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