Manatee Records Presents: ManopolyManopoly, as he is known in the Rap circles in the STL has been grinding and forging out a piece of the pie in the tough St. Louis Rap game. Born Neal Richardson, Manopoly began twisting words with lyrics in elementary school where he outwitted his colleagues at the afternoon MC battles.

He has opened for many major acts going through St. Louis at all the major venues the city has to offer. Manopoly was even voted one of the top ten MC’s at the famous “The Streets Most Conference” in New York city as well as top act at most of St. Louis rap showdowns. While keeping himself polished and sharp he began doing showcases in and around St Louis and the entire Midwest all the way to Chicago.

Manatee Records Presents: ManopolyManopoly has performed at Club Dream, and the Coco Theatre two of the STL’s famous as well as opening for Dem Franchise Boys more recently. He is slated to open for TI and Grand Hustle in Chicago as well as the Bow Wow concert also in Chicago. He wittingly states “If I will be the King of STL, I must extend my territories all throughout the Midwest. My lyrics must be top level and above".

The first single “Supafly” from his soon to be re-released album is a club banger and getting many requests in the clubs as well as his Myspace web page. DJs in and around the Midwest claim they have slept on this hit and are now re-working this track heavily with mad reviews. “Supafly” was recently placed on the TjsDjs Exclusive Tastemaker CD more recently and also for downloads by DJs at the My12-inch Digital Record pool which is an international DJ pool. Call your local radio request line for “Supafly” the first hit off the re-packaged album Boardwalk.


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