Soundclash presents: OneSelfUnfortunately for us Brits, one of the most interesting and progressive hip hop groups relocated to Brooklyn NYC earlier this year. So it will be a rare treat to catch this supergroup back in London for the release of their new EP ‘Organically Grown’ This should be an absolutely huge show as we have the first opportunity to catch some of the new material that up until now only American audiences have been privileged to hear…
One Self is a collaboration of like minds. Born within the culturally rich and ethnically diverse music scene of London and now living in Brooklyn NYC, One Self is the collaboration of DJ Vadim, Yarah Bravo and Blu Rum 13, engaging each other to create a world of possibilities and mixing together a global melting pot of musical ideas.

Soundclash presents: OneSelfVadim's prominent releases on Ninja Tune gave him a platform to develop a touring unit of scratch DJ's, rappers, musicians and beat boxers. This fluid group was known as the Russian Percussion and over a three-year period, a total of more than 600 shows were rocked worldwide. For Vadim, One Self was a natural progression as the 'Children of Possibility' Album took shape and the unit formed.

Vadim's progressive production and adept song crafting is complimented by the vocal gymnastics of your friendly neighbourhood MC, Blurum13, and the sultry spoken word of the Mistress of Poetic Invention, Miss Yarah Bravo. The debut album, 'Children of Possibility' has received worldwide acclaim and is still just a glimpse of what is to come from this group.

“Organically Grown” is an extended player of a band finding their groove, naturally as the title suggests. See it here first.

Also a word about Belleruche and The Reptiles. Both of these bands are expected to breakthrough this year, both now having played large sell out show everywhere from big chill house, to Notting Hill Arts Club, 93 Feet east and much more. Also they both share strong connections with Oneself. Both are part of the global Vadim-Oneself collective.

7-1, £10 ADV

Soundclash presents: OneSelf

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