Major Motion are a crew who are setting out on their bid for domination. The first member of the crew to show his hand is Mr Felon whose real name is Jurel Williams. He is mixed race from St.Pauls in Bristol and says that he is no stranger to street life.
Oh God Boy Its Major is a dark track which is evident with its grimey feel and haunting highs. Mr Felon doesn’t stretch his voice rapping well within himself with a slightly slurry style. On the mobster tip Felon lets us know that he and his boys are now set to take over. He treats the streets like a war zone and he is a soldier making his way through the wasteland. There is a militaristic snare pattern to go along with this feeling as he says how he has had to regularly pour out liquor for his fam.

The remix of the track features the same beat, but enlists the help of the other Major Motion crew members who are Shockaveli, Preme, Outaw and Sincere. All come with similar styles and messages suited to the riddim. This remix is perhaps a bit stronger due to the vocal variety, but as with the original is perhaps a bit let down by the chorus which reduces the intensity of the track.

Be on the look out for the soon to be released mix tape If I Should Die Before I Wake which is hosted by NY DJ Big Mike.

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