I have lost the press release for this, so there is little background info I can give you on this release. Apparently Paranorml is from the West Coast of the USA and has recorded five albums worth of material! Yet, I never heard of him till now. Never mind, that is now corrected.

This ‘EP’ is in fact only three tracks, so perhaps the title EP is a bit of an exaggeration, but regardless, lets dispense with minor things like that. The first track produced by Stylus One is Shapes Of Jazz which has an old school feel as Paranorml drops his rhymes in a spoken word type of flow. Something reminiscent of the Hieroglyphics crew. I don’t feel the vocals are all that great. Whilst I can feel the sentiments I just feel that things have moved on a touch for MCs since this style was in vogue. Tableek is also featured on the mic and for me has a better delivery.

01. Shapes Of Jazz
02. Keep It Moving
03. Take Time
04. Shapes Of Jazz Instrumental
05. Keep It Moving Instrumental
06. Take Time Instrumental
As you would expect the beats hark back to the classic jazz influenced sounds of the early 90’s and the production on Keep It Moving is really nice and rocks along sweetly. I think this one is produced by Freddie Joachim aka. DJ Tilapia and he flexes some nice breaks together for a sweet sound.

Some other names are mentioned with regard to this release, but to be honest I don’t know what each member’s contribution to the release are. Across the piece the lyrics are refreshingly non-bling and anti-gangster. If only more people could touch on this side of things Hip Hop would be in much better shape.

Take Time feels a bit like a re-working of Keep It Moving as it features similar drums and perhaps is the strongest track on the EP due to the vocals which are delivered with more intensity.

At the beginning of the EP I was a bit dubious about whether this would hit the spot, but by the end of the third track I was most impressed and nodding along happily reminiscing. At its worst this release is a touch generic and seems to have not moved with the times, but at its best it is classic material well worthy of your attention. I hope this crew can deliver more work at the top of this scale.

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