Sniper Presents OGB CD [OGB]OGB was born in Nigeria and is now resident in Edinburgh. Sniper was the name of the duo that OGB and Macadocious formed in the year 2000. OGB has now gone solo and he has released a 16 track LP. Here we have a three track sampler which displays his sounds.
The release kicks off with the quick Rabatiager track which is just 2’15” long. The beat s composed of a piano riff as well a periodic female sighs. The track is a story of the advice he received which stated that he would remain hungry.

Sniper Presents OGB CD [OGB]
01. Rabatiager
02. Eastenders
03. Victory Song
has the feel of a Middle Eastern track which is the intention as far as I can judge from the chorus. The main vocals are a touch low in the mix and the style of their delivery made it hard for my old ears to pick everything out clearly.

Guitars and percussion open Victory Song which is accompanied with harmonising, shakers and Dre-esque tones which altogether makes for an enthralling composition. Casting aside Vodoo OGB askes his fans to join him in singing his Victory Song.

Despite the failings with this CD the overall vibe and impression is favourable. The grooves are without doubt there and OGB is obviously full of hunger and desire to make his way in the business. So far the full version of the release has sold over 400 copies.

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