The Sons Of South are a six man crew as you would expect from the name come from the bottom half of the UK. The group comprises four MCs – Nature Kid, Mr Prophecy, Blaze MC and the Verbal Remedy as well as two DJs Jeckal and Terrorist who is also the main producer.

The CD is a hefty 22 tracks deep (including the Intro, Outro and skits) and that is plenty of time to introduce all the members. The mix CD is a combination of original tracks, with a sprinkling of well known instrumentals thrown in. There is a diverse cross section of styles on the CD so there is going to be something that appeals to everyone and this also is demonstrative of the diverse nature of the make up of the crew.

01. Intro 1:25
02. State Of Shock 4:49
03. Pickpocket Academy 4:06
04. Move Over 4:04
05. Rap Mutants ft. V.E.X. 3:20
06. Next Level Part 1 1:18
07. Learn UK ft. Joe Gutta 2:36
08. Locked Jaws 1:59
09. Jeckal Scratch Skit 0:26
10. Oh No Dub 4:29
11. Stay Lean 2:45
12. Misery 3:31
13. Green Eyes 1:59
14. Diamonds In The Ruff 2:10
15. Who's Scott Deniro ft. Hitchcock 2:37
16. Do You Believe ft. L-Jay 3:05
17. Heavens Hate ft. MarlCa 3:50
18. Real Name 2:15
19. Off The Block ft. Hitchcock 4:04
20. Represent Sickness 2:54
21. Undergound ft. Jack Flash 2:30
22. Outro 1:07
The CD kicks off with a samples and scratched intro before easy going but smooth flows are dropped on State Of Shock. The chimes of Big Ben end the track and the comedic track Pickpocket Academy follows. This track samples up old Dickens Artful Dodger musicals for a light hearted tale of criminality which is just pure fun.

Rap Mutants slows the tempo enabling verbs to be clearly placed with deliberate authority on the production. Next Level uses one of the nicest Showbiz and AG beats where Learn UK features a Das Efx beat which hasn’t dated. Across the piece there are club oriented bumpers as well as social commentaries and story raps. Conscious lyrics are delivered on Misery and Road Ahead. Other topics explored also include the crews like of the green herbs on tracks like Stay Lean and rugged no nonsense detailing of how jealous foes are taken down on Green Eyes over a dark Mobb Deep beat.

I guess there is also going to be a few points that the listener will not find the release attention grabbing, but the number of MCs means that the vibe is constantly changed and the guest appearances by the likes of Joe Gutta of Rusty Jukebox on Learn UK and V.E.X. of Samebrain on Rap Mutants add in their quality too. Other guest appearances include: Jack Flash, Hitchcock and L-Jay as well as singer Marlca who resonates on Heavens Gate, but for me doesn’t come with enough strength of voice and detracts from the track for me.

Terrorist’s production is standard Hip Hop fare, but of a high standard, all the MCs show ability and when the come together gel well. Throughout DJ Jeckal’s cuts are nice and I was deeply impressed with the depth of the subject matter and the way it is put over.

Apparently this is the first release in what is slated to be a series of five. The packaging is well designed by Aphotic Design and judging by the way this is put together the following releases should be quality as well.

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