On March 18th 2007, hundreds of music fans will witness a special performance of live music by Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra, performed using only the mouths, lips, tongues and vocal cords of 15 singers and beatboxers.
British beatbox artist Shlomo will be directing the world’s first beatboxing choir, which will headline the International Beatbox Convention at London’s South Bank Centre, where he is an Artist in Residence.

The all-star line up is to include international a-cappella stars The Swingle Singers.

‘I have always wanted to put together an orchestra of beatboxers’ says Shlomo, 23, of Leeds, ‘and it is thrilling to be able to do it on an international stage’.
Never before has a full beatboxing choir performed in the UK, and this marks a new chapter in the history of beatboxing as an art-form.

Shlomo And The Vocal Orchestra

The 15-strong choir will be made up of all 8 members of the Swingle Singers, plus 3 singers, 3 beatboxers and Shlomo himself. They will be performing a wide-range of material, including original works composed especially for the group, alongside a collection of popular pieces and crowd favourites.

The choir will be rehearsing in London weekly throughout February and March, building up to the performance on March 18th. There is also likely to be a secret warm-up performance a few days before the show.

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