Soundcrash Productions presents: Infinite Livez Vs StadeCount up the artists you’ve heard recently which don’t sound like anything else. The ones which don’t artfully reference previous classics or jump on to a revivialist trend. Artists which seem to come out of no particular space or time and do so with such force that you have to admit this really is something different. Got any fingers up yet?
No? Then drop “Art Brut Fe De Yoot” into the cd player…

‘Witty, wise and exceedingly talented London MC, Infinite Livez’
as Time Out has it, returns with Swiss electronic experimentalists Stade, who are flying in especially for the show.

For the uninitiated, Inf’s vocal style is rather unique, switching between sing-song wailing, London-accented hip hop drawl and spoken word beat poetry, making plenty of use of numerous effect pedals which he uses to twist his voice into sounds and shapes worthy of the best free jazz instrumentalists.

People lucky enough to have seen an Infinite Livez show, will know to expect the unexpected!

The album is released on the 12th March on Big Dada (the label responsible for Roots Manuva, Spank Rock, Ty, Diplo).

Support comes from riotous live electronic artist DJ Scotch Egg, who has created a bit of a storm himself recently!

Live @ Cargo, 1st March, £10 adv

Album Launch for: ‘Art Brut Fe De Yoot"

Cargo, 83 Rivington St, Kingsland Viaduct (Shoreditch), London, EC2A 3AY 

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