The End-to-End Project from Adidas and Foot LockerFebruary 2007:  Foot Locker continues to be at the forefront of sneaker originality with the exclusive launch of the End-to-End series from Adidas. Some of the best graffiti artists in the world have worked together on a totally original concept – a unique collection of footwear, clothing and accessories that takes their artwork from the sketchbook to the streets: the End-to-End Project.

Launching exclusively to Foot Locker, the project was created with 7 world class graffiti artists in just 3 days and the results are phenomenal. Check out the End-to-End original artwork on now.

The End-to-End Project from Adidas and Foot LockerThe End to End project has announced the first artists that they have signed up. They are Can2 and Atom from Germany. Being two of the world's most acclaimed graffiti writers, Can2 and Atom have over 40 years combined writing experience. Their traditional letter forms and characters are matched with searing colourways and incredible attention to detail. Equally proficient in computer aided design and illustration, they are two of the most talented graffiti writers active today and have influenced a whole generation of modern-day graffiti writers.

The second artist to be officially named as a collaborator in the End To End Project is graffiti writer and designer Scien of the 123Klan. Working alongside his wife Klor, French-born Scien developed the infamous 123 Klan collective in 1992, having started painting graffiti several years previously. Well known for his crisp outlines and clean detailing, his repertoire now extends far beyond purely painting graffiti and the 123 Klan is now established as one of the finest design and illustration agencies in Europe.

Over the next few weeks they will be revealing the remaining artists who participated in the End to End project.

For more information, please visit:

youtube bhh channel

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