Blunted Presents - LMFLH Vol.2 - Local Music For Local Heads CD [Blunted]If Hip Hop is stagnating, the last place on earth where you’d imagine it might resurface is a suburban town know for its architecture and pashmina-wearing students. Yet these clichés are precisely the reason why Oxford has stayed in the shadows so long. Dig just beneath the surface and you’ll find a virtually untapped source of talent, which strives to spread all the elements of Hip Hop.

With over 20 tracks on offer this year, LMFLH Vol. 2 stretches across a large musical spectrum gravitating around Hip Hop, much like its predecessor. The CD features contributions from Shears, Oxford producer who has collaborated with Lowkey on 'Key To The Game, Vol. 3', Oxford's finest emcees GTA, who deliver more distinctive, charismatic and lyrically confident sounds, and Hip Hop veteran Project Cee (of Numskulls fame, part of the SIN Cru collective). Kid Fury, Lolo and Riskie Business also contribute to the compilation's diversity.

Blunted and its members are committed to stimulating the appreciation of local talent and good music in general - placing Oxford Hip Hop on the map. They are out to demonstrate that Hip Hop is progressing - and that the best signs of this can sometimes be found in the unlikeliest places.

Release Friday 23rd March 2007.

01. Shears & Starkiller Ft. Tom Burton Esq / The Intro
02. Riskie Business / Introducing…
03. Pneumatic & Sloth / The Morning Star
04. Evolucian / Proper Dosage
05. The Projections / The Wrong House
06. Ill Technicians / Mesh Metal
07. Chima, Astrosnare & Kid Fury / Yeah
08. Zuby Ft. Webbafied / Start All Over
09. Pinikal, En-reek & Kryptic / Can’t Test Us
10. The Wise / Community Initiative
11. ASM / A Blunted State Of Mind
12. GTA / Same Shh
13. Ms Blaze & FP / Carry On
14. Asher Dust / You Can’t Call It Love
15. DJ Para / Symmetry
16. Fluke / Quiet Night
17. Unia / Exploration #4
18. Meef Chaloin / Gene Scam
19. Mr Lager / I’m In Love
20.Starkiller / The Outro

Bonus Tracks:
Illustrate Ft. Shears / Feeling Low (Jon Remix)
The Naughtiest Girl Is A Monitor / Youth Movies Soundtrack Strategies (Highscores Lo-Fi Remix)

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