Big Brovaz- Support First Urban Act To Go For EurovisionEurovision is here again and that's usually a sign for all taste to be left at the door and major UK embarrassment! That's all set to change this year as UK hip hop act Big Brovaz enter the running to represent the UK in BBC2's ‘Making Your Mind Up’ with their single 'Big Bro Thang'. 

After Daz Sampson's effort Big Bros could be considered the first real urban act ever to be considered to represent the UK. Big Brovaz understand what a great honour it is to represent the UK. Randy says, “We couldn’t believe it when we were asked to do it, but we had to say yes, coz I mean its Eurovision and we’ve all grown up watching it... It's big!”.

Big Brovaz- Support First Urban Act To Go For EurovisionThe performances at Eurovision show ‘Making Your Mind Up’ are always spectacular and Big Brovaz are not going to disappoint...

Their performance is going to be electric but has so many pyrotechnics it’s become a hazard to the band! The girls had an emergency disaster as one of their dresses was burnt by a stray pyrotechnic during rehearsals. Cherise exclaims, “The jewels in the dress I was wearing were all hand sewn- and the costume department are up in arms, as they have to send it back to Italy to get repaired in time for the show- hopefully I’ll have a dress to wear for the show!”

No stranger to success, their debut album 'Nu Flow' went platinum when released in 2002 and spawned 7 singles, 4 of which went top 10 including Favourite Things which hit the number 2 spot. They also went on to win 2 MOBO awards (Best Newcomer and Best UK Act) as well a Smash Hits Award and Capital Radio Award.

Big Brovaz- Support First Urban Act To Go For Eurovision

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