Shwain - This Is Me CD [G-Way]The UK RnB scene is booming with acts such as Nathan, Jamelia and Fundamental just to name a few. Evidently, there seems to be no stopping the influx of new RnB talent waiting to grace our TV screens, Radios, Ipod's, even mobile MP'3s!

UK RnB new entrant 'Shwain' born Shwain Faraj, 18, was inspired to sing and perform by his mother and sister at the tender age of 9, with his first ever performance being at his school assembly for which to say ‘it went down a storm’ would be an understatement.

Shwain - This Is Me CD [G-Way]Since then, 'Shwain' has never given up on his musical abilities. Shwain's voice has attracted the attention of all who can rightly hear quality talent and has kicked open doors for sessions with JD (a.k.a 'Dready' from So Solid / Relentless Records) for which three tracks were recorded and further drew Warner Bro's to court him for an exclusive two album deal, which at the time was proven to be too much of a big step at a young age due to him still being in full time education.

To make his mark in the in the UK RnB scene, 'Shwain' gives us his new single 'This Is Me' which is a song based on a past experience with an ex girlfriend after time being together, he realised she was no longer right for him; even though the ex did not want to let go of hope. The track is a neat and tidy example of good RnB music coming from the UK. The song incorporates the saying 'enough is enough', as 'Shwain' goes back to how good the relationship was in the beginning, then to how the relationship started going towards that downward spiral.     

You maybe be thinking “not another break up song” like we have all heard before, but ‘Shwain’ proves that there is space for another UK RnB act for you avid listeners to keep your ears busy.

By: Leon B

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