/ Straight Out Leodis Podcast 2 - March 2007What what people. It's been a bit more than a month since the last edition of the podcast... I've decided it's better to do things right than do them quickly. In future I'll be dropping these as and when I have the time and material to put together a properly good installment (which should still be fairly frequently).



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Part 1 - DJ Analogue

1) Analogue - Intro Cuts
2) Arromatic - "Trials Of Life 2004"
This is the other track from the white label that I got the Tommy Evans piece from last time round.
3) Gil Scott-Heron - "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"
4) Klashnekoff - "The Revolution (Will Not Be Televised On Channel U)"
5) Sarah Jones - "Your Revolution"

I finally managed to get a copy of the new K-Lash LP - I've bookended this tune with the Scott-Heron original and another hip-hop version by Vadim and Sarah Jones.
6) Dom G - "Heat"
I don't know much about Dominant G other than that he seems to be a mate of ya boy QED... I found this 12" around and figured I might as well bang it in the mix.
7) DJ Dredi - "Eastside"/ Cage "54"
Dredi's a guy I met through MySpace who makes dope beats. Cage is a fucking lunatic from NYC or thereabouts. DJ Analogue on the blend, mix, scratch and cut.
8) Maceo & The Macks - "Party!"
JB-affiliated classic funk joint.
9) Breaking The Illusion - "That's A Good Party"
10) Braintax - "Last Tenner"

A joint apiece from the co-founders of LowLife Records, both on the theme of getting blathered.
11) Agent M - "Deuteronomy" (Instrumental)
An instrumental from the forthcoming Mutant Productions LP, "The Uncanny". Peep May's edition of Traffic magazine for my interview with Agent M. I added the vocal samples and cuts myself.
12) Spida Lee - "Guns, Drugs, Money & Cars"
Album review of Spida's "The Foundation" dropping soon.
13) KidKanevil Ft Jehst & Sir Smurf Little - "Def Certificate"
This is an amazing track from Kid K's new album "Problems & Solutions", featuring the artists AKA Billy Brimstone and Baby Shylow.
14) Agent M - "Wait A Minute" (Instrumental)
More Agent Mizzle bizzle.
15) Skinnyman - "Fuck The Hook"

Part 2 - DJ Mike D (Moulding The Breaks)

1) Mike D - "Intro (Say The Magic Word)"
2) Dilated Peoples - "Years In The Making"
3) Nas - "Halftime"
4) Da Beatminerz - "Take That" (Instrumental)
5) Mobb Deep - "Shook Ones"
6) Peanut Butter Wolf - "Competition Gets None"
7) Large Professor - "The Mad Scientist"
8) DJ Craze - "Bully Breaks Instrumental"
9) DJ Mike D - "Shadows Rep"

Catch you later in the year for the next instalment.


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