F.A.M. -  IllyRap, Da Racketeer and SmokeJarel Worthington a.k.a. IllyRap is the owner of Illy Rap Recordings and a rapper in the F.A.M. crew. He is a songwriter and producer and made his radio debut with Stay Humble on 96.1 Kiss FM and has appeared on 88.7FM, The Edge. IllyRap has had his performance televised for Hot97's Spit Fire Live at Pseudo Stage Music and appears on numerous DJ Big Mike mixtapes.

IllyRap has been recognised by New York City's number one radio station for Hip Hop and R&B: Hot 97 and crowned their online Spit Fire contest winner.

Da Racketeer
is the second of the three artists that make up F.A.M. He too is a songwriter / producer and his music has also appeared on numerous DJ Big Mike mixtapes. Rackee has been jokingly called "Chorus King" for ghost writing hooks that have been on worldwide distributed CD releases. The man behind the scene, Da Racketeer is always hands on with arranging songs for any artist he works with. He is responsible for a lot of the F.A.M.'s nationwide networking and Street Team.

IllyRapSmoke is the final member of the F.A.M. crew. Again he is a songwriter / producer whose music appears on numerous DJ Big Mike mixtapes. Courtesy of the top-selling mixtape DJ's in the world, Smoke is establishing himself as a major player in the Rap game.

All three  artists are currently recording and potentially assimilating with a variety of other well known major artists. They also makes appearances at exclusive New York City nightclubs and televised Hip Hop events. Illy Rap is a New York based label, owned by the unsigned artists. The group, the F.A.M. have their new single Deal Or No Deal out now.

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